still controversy for the new feature

As you know by now, for a few days now free timed trials of PlayStation 5 games have been available in some countries, thanks to which players can download a product and play for a few hours. However, it seems that users did not like a particular aspect of this initiative.

The controversy is triggered by the functioning of the timer that establishes when it is time to close the game and decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase. Unfortunately, in fact, the countdown does not start at the start of the games, but at the start of the download. This implies that even those with fast connections on average will have to sacrifice part of the free trial period to wait for all files to finish installing. Some crafty people have already found a way to bypass the PlayStation 5 free demo timer, but it’s an awkward method that involves creating multiple accounts on the same console.

At the moment Sony has not yet responded to fan complaints and it is not to be excluded that in the coming weeks we will see some changes to the so-called Game Trials system, which allow at the moment to try both Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Great Adventure on Sony’s next-gen console.