stop the ban of western users on Twitter

Hideki Kamiya is known for having a rather strong and over the top character. The famous game designer today in force at Platinum Games in recent times has been tormented by fans eager to have news on the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3, completely disappeared from the radar after the first teaser trailer of 2017.

The insistence of the players had become great to the point that Hideki Kamiya had invited fans to forget about Bayonetta 3, and then began to block on Twitter all non-Japanese users who sent him messages. Now something seems to have changed thanks to Nintendo Direct in September 2021, which finally showed the first gameplay video of Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch, with release confirmed for 2022: after 4 years of silence, the Witch is alive and well, ready to delight fans with a new, adrenaline-fueled adventure.

And as a result, Kamiya’s mood is now calmer too, which is why, at least temporarily according to his words, he will not ban tweets from Western players for September 24. “Thank you all! Today I will not block non-Japanese tweets because I am in a good mood”, this is the comment of the director of Bayonetta 3, happy to have been able to show the game in action after months of questions and speculations. And now we just have to wait for a more precise release date.