stop to new seasons with the release of Infinite?

The release of Halo Infinite, set for December 8, 2021 on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, could have consequences on the creation of new content for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the collection of all the main episodes of the series seen on Xbox and Xbox 360.

The arrival of the new episode will inevitably change the priorities of 343 Industries: according to what was revealed by lead producer Michael Fahrny in the new dev update available on Halo Waypoint, Season 8 will be the last update of the year for the MCC, but with Infinite that will begin to take hold, it is highly likely that development of new Seasons and content for the celebrated collection will be halted. “Starting next year – reads Fahrny’s note – we plan to move away from the current model at Seasons to focus on smaller updates for the MCC, to be distributed as soon as they are ready and based on the roadmap established by the studio. These updates will continue to do so. be free and will contain features and content that did not arrive in time for this year, as well as continued support to improve the stability and problems of the collection. We still have a lot to offer in 2022. “

The Master Chief Collection will therefore not be abandoned, but it is good to prepare for less substantial updates to focus efforts on the new episode. Previously, games of up to 60 players were assumed for Halo The Master Chief Collection, but at this point they may never see the light. Meanwhile, a series of memes mock the new armor of Halo The Master Chief Collection.