strategic vision differences with the company

Big organizational changes for Paradox Interactive: the well-known publisher has announced that Ebba Ljungerud, now former CEO of the company, has resigned from the role of chief executive officer.

Apparently, behind this decision there was a radical “difference in vision” between Ljungerud and the other top management of the company. Below, the official announcement of Paradox, which confirms the handover and internal changes that will materialize immediately:

“Due to differing views on business strategy going forward, Paradox Interactive AB CEO Ebba Ljungerud has decided to leave the CEO position with immediate effect. The board of directors of Paradox Interactive has appointed Fredrik Wester as CEO with immediate effect. Ebba Ljungerud will remain for a period to ensure the handover.

Ebba has done a fantastic job as CEO of Paradox Interactive. During his leadership, the player base and our projects have strengthened and grown, which provides the company with a solid foundation for future growth. We regret that you have decided to resign, but we wish you all the best for future commitments. “The same Ljungerud wanted to greet her colleagues and thank the fans through the twitter you find at the bottom.

Paradox Interactive recently announced the console versions of Crusader Kings 3 for PlayStation and Xbox, with the strategy series breaking the boundaries of the PC market for the first time in its history.