studio and IP return thanks to Tencent

If you enjoyed Journey to the Savage Planet, know that there are hopes for the arrival of a sequel thanks to Tencent, the oriental giant that has made a large investment to bring both the team and the IP back to life.

As you well know, when Google decided to stop the development of exclusive titles for Stadia, it also cut out Typhoon Studio, probably working on Journey to the Savage Planet 2. When everything seemed lost, Tencent arrived, which not only decided to take over the intellectual property of the colorful title, but also financed the creation of a new software house called Raccoon Logic, which is based in Montreal, Canada. In the new development team will work all the old employees of Typhoon Studio (it seems that only 25% of the developers of Raccoon Logic were not part of the old team), who will resume their old roles: among these we find Reid Schneider as a studio head and executive producer and Alex Hutchinson as creative director.

While no details have been provided regarding the project currently being worked on by the team, it is almost impossible that it is not somehow related to the Journey to the Savage Planet IP.