Sucker Punch’s artworks become collectible paintings

After launching the splendid collection of prints of The Last of Us 2, the curators of the Cook and Becker portal strengthen their partnership with Sony and launch a special collection of paintings featuring the spectacular scenarios of Ghost of Tsushima.

The new line curated by the portal specializing in the creation of high quality prints is entirely dedicated to the latest open world adventure by Sucker Punch. Cook and Becker’s limited edition works of art, with prints for paintings of the size desired by the buyer, take up the exceptional preparatory sketches of Ghost of Tsushima already shown in recent months by the PlayStation Studios subsidiary.

The collection embraces the most disparate styles and reflects the passion lavished by Sucker Punch in making the island of Tsushima a microcosm representative of the culture, landscapes and dream atmospheres of Feudal Japan.

The prices of the prints that reproduce the sketches of Ghost of Tsushima and of the expansion set in Iki Island reflect the quality of the individual collectibles proposed, ranging between 100 and 450 euros depending on the desired painting and the desired dimensions. For fans of the PS4 and PS5 adventure starring Jin Sakai, we also recommend admiring the exquisite shots of Ghost of Tsushima by Cristiano Bonora.