Summer, time for a new video game console! Save with the used of Gamelife

Gamelife, the chain of the Cidiverte group dedicated to the world of video games and entertainment, offers a selection of used consoles at reduced prices, so as not to give up fun even on vacation, saving money.

On the Gamelife website you can choose your used console, among the platforms available at a reduced price we find Xbox One X for 250 euros, PS4 Slim 500 GB for 220 and PlayStation 4 PRO 1TB for 280 euros. Also available Nintendo Switch Day One Edition at 280 euros and Nintendo Switch Lite (various colors available) at 170 euros.

The evaluations for the withdrawal of used equipment through the BuyBack program are also well highlighted on the site: by giving back PS4 PRO Gamma 1TB you will get 170 euros, PS4 Slim 500 GB (Chassis F) is valued 170 euros while Nintendo Switch Lite is withdrawn at 100 euros, for Xbox One X you will get 140 euros while a Nintendo Switch Version 2017 is worth 150 euros.

With BuyBack you sell your used equipment to Gamelife with 100% of the credit rating to spend in the store or 70% in cash by bank transfer. Until August 31st you will have 90% of the cash valuation, a promotion valid only until the end of this month, from September 1st it will return to the normal 70% share.