Super Smash Bros Ultimate, can you beat a dentist? Free teeth cleaning!

Among the first major Nintendo exclusives to make their way onto the hybrid console, Super Smash Bros Ultimate boasts an extraordinarily passionate community, which also includes an extrovert dentist!

In fact, news arrives directly from Massachusetts of a dentist who has decided to offer his patients a rather peculiar challenge. Evidently confident in his skills in the fighting arenas, Dr. Shah has launched a bizarre initiative, giving away the chance to win a completely free tooth cleaning.

Presented through the do-it-yourself video that you find directly at the opening of this news, the nice dentist challenged his patients, asking them to try their hand at a 1v1 challenge at Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In case of victory, skilled players will be able to redeem their healthy reward. Otherwise, they will have to share a joking message on social networks in which they admit the defeat suffered at the dental office.

The challenge was launched by Doctor Shah on the pages of Reddit, where he specified that challengers will be able to bring any type of controller they want from home: the Nintendo Switch present in the waiting room is in fact also equipped with a GameCube pad adapter. The clash will see patient and dentist compete in three matches, with a time limit set at six minutes.