Superhot VR victim of review bombing for removing self-harm scenes

Superhot VR is the new victim of review bombing. A group of users lashed out at the shooter because of the changes the developers made with the latest update recently released.

Four years after its launch, Superhot Team has decided to remove some scenes considered particularly delicate in the game. Specifically, the player could perform acts of self-harm by hitting himself, or let himself go into the void. The developers had already allowed to disable these scenes through a special option but decided to remove them in full with the update available from Wednesday 21 July.

“Skip Disturbing Scenes” was added in a previous update. Considering the delicate moment we are living in, we can do better. You deserve more. All scenes that allude to self-harm are now completely removed from the game. These scenes have no place in Superhot VR. We’re sorry it took so long. “

As anticipated at the beginning, not all users have made this decision well. Superhot VR is in fact currently the victim of review bombing on Steam, with numerous players saying they are disappointed and fearful in view of further censorship in the future within particularly violent games such as Grand Thef Auto. What do you think about it? For more insights into the game, we invite you to catch up on our Superhot VR review.