support will continue until 2023, according to Pachter

Over the last few hours, the well-known analyst of the videogame market has returned to expose himself, Michael Pachter, who has expressed his views on the duration of support for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro by Sony.

Here are the words of Pachter, who expressed his opinion on the subject in a video:

“Sony cannot ignore PlayStation 4 until it has placed enough PlayStation 5 units on the market to allow it to generate enough profits. If you want to sell at least 3 million copies to break even and there are at least 7/8 million. PS5, you simply can’t do it. There will always be exclusives in the early stages of a generation as there is a willingness to push users to buy new hardware. “

“If they want to sell 20 million copies of an exclusive they have to release it on old and new consoles. So I think they will support PS4 until at least 2023. That’s 10 years. We’ll probably start seeing more PS5 exclusives in the course of 2022 for then move on to exclusives for the latest generation in 2023. “

Following Pachter’s reasoning, therefore, there will not be many PlayStation 5 exclusives over the next year and in many cases we will see the same product arrive on PS4 and PS4 Pro as well. After all, both Horizon Forbidden West and God of War 2 will also land on consoles of old generation, platforms still present in the homes of many gamers who have played the prequels and are waiting to continue the adventures of Kratos and Aloy.