Switch Online Add-on Pack: The fate of the Animal Crossing DLC ​​at the end of registration

As revealed by the Kyoto house during the last Direct, the Animal Crossing DLC ​​will be included in the Nintendo Switch Online Add-on Package. What will happen, then, to all the contents unlocked or accessible with Happy Home Paradise by deciding not to renew the new subscription of the Kyoto house?

Once the subscription period for Switch Online + Additional Package is over, in fact, the islanders of Animal Crossing New Horizons could risk losing not only access to the new features of the Happy Home Paradise expansion, but also all the objects, the furnishings and customizations unlocked via the DLC.

To clarify the doubts of the community, a representative of Nintendo spoke to the microphones of Eurogamer.net to explain that “once the subscription is over, players will still be able to access some things that they have already unlocked on their main island by taking advantage of Animal content. Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise. Among the objects that will remain at their disposal there will be the counters, the partitions and the elements to change the ambient lighting or the sound. Access to the other contents of Happy Home Paradise, however, will be suspended”.

Entering into the merits of the inaccessible content at the end of the subscription period, the spokesperson of the Japanese company underlines that “it will not be possible to visit the archipelago of Happy Home Paradise. In order to re-enter the archipelago and accept requests for designing the vacation rentals and other buildings, you will need to purchase the DLC separately or, alternatively, renew your membership in Nintendo Switch Online + Add-on Package “.