Team Asobi replaces Japan Studio

It’s time for changes for Sony’s internal teams, including renovations and new family members. In these days, for example, the Japanese company has announced several important additions to the PlayStation Studios group.

Very shortly after the announcement of the acquisition of Housemarque, team author of the appreciated exclusive PS5 Returnal, Sony has in fact also made official the acquisition of Nixxes, a Dutch team which, at least for the moment, seems to play a supporting role. for other Sony software houses. It is also impossible not to mention the decision of the Japanese giant to proceed with a profound restructuring of Japan Studios, whose majority of the workforce has finally merged into Team Asobi.

To reiterate the change in the balance, the official site of PlayStation Studios has now also thought of it, which no longer presents any trace of references to Japan Studio. The latter has been supplanted by Team Asobi, presented to the public as the author of the exclusive launch of PlayStation 5 Astro’s Playroom.

At the moment, the software house has not yet communicated what the identity of its next production will be, but it has not ruled out a return to the scene of the beloved robot. In the meantime, however, Team Asobi is looking for new staff, with a campaign to expand their team.