Teamfight Tactics Dawn of Heroes, mid-set update arrives

The 5.5 update of the Teamfight Tactics fits in the wake of the new “cross-title” event: the new awaited Sentinelle della Luce event, which will touch the different IPs of Riot Games: League of Legends, first of all, then Legends of Runeterra and, indeed, also Teamfight Tactics. We were able to preview the news of the update, aimed at supplanting the dark evil that with Reckoning had invaded the version of the Runeterra lore proposed by the autobattler. After the corrupted objects and the dark classes, what awaits us in this new mega update?

The night is darkest just before dawn …

Only a few months ago we told you about the new season of Teamfight Tactics (here is our preview on TFT Season 5 Reckoning), as we mentioned. A decidedly peculiar set, full of important news for the Riot Games autobattler.

On that occasion we were able to witness the expansion, in the version of the Runeterra of Teamfight Tactics, of a strange Dark fog; an ancient evil that seemed very similar to that of the Shadow Isles, perhaps the same that will characterize the new IP of Riot Games coming soon: Ruined King A League of Legends Story coming out in 2021.

This Fog, in Teamfight Tactics has gone to break the precarious balance on which order and chaos have always been maintained. With his arrival the title has been enriched with new Origins, synergies and types of champions. Notably, the Reckoning set even introduced fourteen classes. The players therefore were able to indulge themselves with themed traits, such as the Forgotten, the Hellion, the Nightbringer, the Cavalier, the Ironclad, the Revenant and the Dawnbringer, the Abomination and the Forgotten.

Not only. One of the most important innovations concerned the items that can be equipped by the champions on the board. In this case the players, for the first time, found themselves making a specific choice on the “nature” of the collected object: on the one hand the “normal” shape, on the other hand the version corrupted by the Dark Mist, undoubtedly more powerful but with a cost to pay.

… and I assure you that it is about to rise!

L’Dawn of the Heroes is the name of the mid-season update and, as we anticipated at the opening, it is part of the Sentinelle della Luce “cross title” event, which will lead to Revenge of the Order on Chaos. At least, hopefully. TFT players, therefore, will have to prepare to drive the Dark Mist out of the Convergence once and for all. The mid-set update, however, doesn’t just bring new items and champions. For the development team, this is a very important update. For the first time, in fact, within a single season there is a narrative development that also leads to an evolution of the lore.
Now, let’s get to the gist of the update. Dawn of Heroes includes Radiant Objects and the unprecedented blessings which basically replace the Shadow objects that we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The Radiant Objects they are enhanced versions of their regular counterparts and each player can only have one per game. The Radiant blessingsinstead, they are special buffs which are awarded to players when they drop below 40 health, to help them get back into the game, and will include champions, items, gold, consumables. All players, who have fallen below that threshold, will then receive a Blessing, but it will not be the same for everyone. Even in this case, in the end, you will have to go to luck to hope to save a compromised game.

The new set, of course, will feature a unreleased battle pass with themed arenas (in particular the theme seems to be that of adventure), effects, emotes and Mini Legends (Ghost, Lito and Coleoptimo), Penguin of the Order and much more. 12 new champions, including the unprecedented Sentinel of Light Akshan. Alongside the latter will also come Gwen, Fiddlesticks, Lucian, Seine, Miss Fortune, Galio, Irelia, Olaf, Pyke, Tristana is Rakan.

Not only. They will also be introduced four unpublished sections: Sentinel, Victorious, Inanimate and Cannoneer. Here are the main characteristics of the four traits. At the start of the fight, the Sentinel with the highest Health gains a shield that grants attack speed. When the shield is destroyed or runs out of effect, it will switch to the ally with the lowest percentage of health. Shield health and attack speed will increase as more Sentinels are on the ground.

When the samples of the stretch Victorious they get a kill, their next attack deals 40% of the target’s missing health as bonus magic damage.

At the start of the fight, the champions Inanimate summon Harrowing Mist for a few seconds in the 2 hexes surrounding them, granting all allies within the damage reduction from enemies placed outside the fog. THE Cannoneersinstead, after the fifth attack, they replace their next attack with a cannon shot after dealing a percentage of their maximum Mana as physical damage to enemies close to the target.

New game mode coming after Mid-Set

Riot is also working on developing one new laboratory game mode after the great success of the Hyper Roll launch at Reckoning. With over 100 million games played since the beginning of set 5, the developers have described this success as “an excellent first step” to encourage the arrival of new game modes that can keep the playful experience fresh and give players the opportunity to have fun. Now we just have to wait for the release of The Dawn of Heroes, scheduled for July 21st and currently on the PBE.