test results on video

Now very little is missing from the launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Series X | S and One, since members of the Insider Program are already testing the functionality on Microsoft consoles and are publishing videos with very interesting tests.

A video recently published on the YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits compares the functioning of some Microsoft games on Xbox One, on Xbox Cloud Gaming (from Xbox One) and on Xbox Series S. The result highlights some obvious advantages for console owners older generation who decide to play in streaming. Net of a less than perfect input lag and a sometimes lower resolution, playing through Xbox Cloud Gaming guarantees a higher framerate and reduced loading times thanks to the recent update of the servers, which allows you to play the Xbox Series version X of the various titles in the catalog.

In the case of Gears 5, for example, we can see how the game on Xbox One runs at 30fps and has very long loads (sometimes longer than 40 seconds), while on Xbox Cloud Gaming it is possible to reach 60 frames per second and wait a long time. less in front of the loading screens. Among the games involved in the test we also find Forza Horizon 4, The Medium and Hellblade, all with obvious advantages in terms of framerates and waiting times.