Texan collector wins two Guinness World Records with 4,000 consoles

Driven by her boundless passion for video games, the electronic engineer Linda Guillory of Richardson, Texas (USA), has managed to conquer two Guinness World Records with her exceptional collection of consoles.

The hobby for videogame collecting began when, at the tender age of eight, Linda fell in love with the basketball game Red Conic given to her by her parents: since then, Guillory has progressively expanded his personal museum of home platforms to include versions specials from Coleco Pacman, Grandprix Turbo from Actronics, Galaxy II from Epoch and a host of other consoles.

The total number of electronic devices accumulated by Guillory slightly exceeds 4,000 units, including 1,599 consoles with LCD screens and 2,430 “generic” consoles between fixed and portable systems. The two prizes awarded to him by the judges of the Guinness Book of World Records attest to the records for the collections of consoles and portable electronic devices with the largest and most varied screens on the planet.

To fulfill this dream, Lindsay has made several trips to Japan over the last 20 years to personally choose the consoles to be included in her collection, scrupulously examining their authenticity and actual state of conservation. For the future, the collector intends to combine her passion for video games with educational commitment and start a series of courses to teach children the basics of video game programming and how to build a console from scratch.