thanks to Fortnite, plans for the domination of the videogame world emerge

The diatribe between Epic Games and Apple still continues to bring out really interesting backstories of the video game industry. In this regard, the lawsuit involving the creators of Fortnite has made it possible to get their hands on documents containing details on Google’s ambitious plans.

The document in question, consisting of 70 pages, talks about how Google wanted to create a universal platform based on Android thanks to which players could use their products on any device. In fact, one of Google’s goals was to support not only Windows, but also MacOS. According to the document, the developers would have had facilities to publish their products on Android and to play the game was expected to market a universal and inexpensive controller also compatible with televisions. It is likely that these plans, which have some behind them, have evolved over time and that the idea of ​​Android has been replaced by Google Stadia, whose lack of success and the consequent closure of internal teams have discouraged the company from achieving. of the goal.

The idea of ​​the Mountain View giant is very reminiscent of Phil Spencer’s vision, which is coming true thanks to Xbox Game Pass and xCloud, a pair of services that actually allows you to play regardless of the platform used and with almost total compatibility with the peripherals available (just think that with streaming games you can use the DualSense of PS5).