that’s why Santa Monica changed her mind!

After discovering the reasons for the postponement of God of War: Ragnarok to 2022, it is time for fans of the Phantom of Sparta to take an interesting dive into the past.

In a new video published by David Jaffe, the Director of the first God of War has in fact revealed some interesting background on the concept initially defined for the game by Santa Monica Studios. In particular, the videogame author revealed that Kratos’ adventure should have counted on a first-person view. A device designed by the developers to prevent players from losing track of their alter-ego in the heart of the battle.

An eventuality that remained on the table for five months, before David Jaffe and his collaborators changed their minds. Although functional in terms of gameplay, the first-person perspective was in fact incompatible with the desire to create highly spectacular combat sequences. The definitive push for the transition to the third person came from outside. According to what told by Jaffe, in fact, the team changed their mind after observing in action the Demos of the now twenty-year-old ICO and Devil May Cry.

To allow players to never lose track of the Ghost of Sparta, in Santa Monica they found another solution. Which? Obviously the introduction of Kratos’ flashy weapons!