the adventure of the hero with the black hole in his head begins in the Cinematic Trailer

The artistic forges of Playsense sign the spectacular Cinematic Trailer by Grime, the gothic metroidvania by Clover Bite and Akupara Games with a sentient black hole for hero.

The trailer in computer graphics packaged by Playsense plunges us into the dark atmospheres of this role-playing adventure starring, in fact, a hero with a head in the shape of a black hole. By taking control of this bizarre character with a singularity instead of a face, our task will be to prevent the universe from collapsing due to a progeny of deformed creatures that threaten to tear the fabric of space-time.

The impersonation of a black hole that we will be able to control in Grime will have to avoid the cosmic catastrophe by absorbing the souls of the enemies. Satisfying the inexhaustible hunger for matter of the singularity it will be possible to acquire the vital energies of the opponents and, above all, the relative skills: it will therefore be up to the users to decide in complete autonomy which upgrades to unlock and which actions to perform in the course of history.

Grime is scheduled to launch on PC and Google Stadia on August 2nd. The console versions, presumably PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, will be available over the next few months.