the analysis of the Beta on console

With the Technical Beta finally available on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles, the well-known YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has put this preliminary version of the 343 Industries shooter under the magnifying glass in order to dissect the technical characteristics of all the console editions in which it will be distributed. .

As we are told in the video you find at the beginning, Halo Infinite is currently able to reach 4K resolution at 120fps on Xbox Series X. Although in the options there are two different game modes (one focused on graphics quality, l other on performance), the result will always remain the same. According to the speculations of the YouTuber, 343 Industries will rely on the 4K dynamic resolution in the final version to be able to keep 120fps stable.

Moving on to the other consoles, we have 1080p / 120fps on Xbox Series S (a future Quality Mode at 1440p / 60fps is planned), 4K / 30fps on Xbox One X (in all probability a 60fps mode will be introduced), and 1080p / 30fps on Xbox One. Evidently 343 Industries will add more options, and what we are in our hands today is a simple trial version that will be refined in anticipation of the final launch.

As for graphic detail, Series X and One X can boast higher resolution of shadows and ambient occlusion, while textures and reflections show more flank on Xbox One than on other platforms. Finally, Series X and Series S present the fastest loading times thanks to the potential of the SSD mounted on next-gen machines.

In the meantime, the dataminers have leaked maps and settings contained in Halo Infinite. Other findings also suggest that the game could feature multiple single player campaigns.