the announcement of Good Smile Company

Even Zagreus, the main protagonist of Hades, the acclaimed roguelike of Supergiant Games, will soon transform into a tender Nendoroid. The Japanese company of Good Smile Company made the announcement directly.

Starting from Bastion, passing through Transistor and Pyre, Supergiant Games has always given special pearls to the videogame market. It was with Hades, however, that the US development house managed to establish itself as one of the most important realities in the industry and to win a substantial number of fans (in case you want to deepen all aspects of the game, here you can find our Review by Hades).

Roguelike fans will therefore be pleased to know that Zagreus will soon take on the features of a Nendroid. As you can see from the preliminary image that you find at the bottom of the news, our warrior is characterized by his typical heterochromatic eyes, the skulls that adorn his robe and the crown of leaves that surrounds his head. Unfortunately, no time window has been indicated regarding the marketing of the product, with Good Smile Company merely adding a “Coming Soon” to its advertising poster.

Recently, Good Smile Company has gotten into the center of a controversy that wants its female action figures to be too explicit.