the Aorus Gen4 7000s SSD is fully compatible and is now on offer

Aorus Gen4 7000s (brand owned by the giant Gigabyte Technology) is one of the SSDs compatible with PlayStation 5 and is now on offer on Amazon, this solid state memory unit can be purchased at a reduced price for a limited period.

Aorus Gen4 7000s has a reading speed of up to 7000 MB / s and up to 5,500 MB / s in reading and is available in memory sizes of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB, however, remember that PlayStation 5 only supports SSDs with a maximum capacity of 2TB, therefore the larger model is not compatible with the Sony console.

The Aorus unit is equipped with an aluminum thermal interface and carbon side coating to ensure a more homogeneous dissipation and thus improve heat dispersion. The Aorus Gen4 7000s units are already available since the beginning of the year, the 2TB version is now on offer on Amazon, if you are looking for an SSD for your console you can therefore consider this product.

At the moment there are not many M.2 SSDs compatible with the PS5, among these we find the Seagate FireCuda 530, the Western Digital WD SN850 and the Samsung 980 Pro (as long as it is equipped with a heatsink), many other manufacturers are carrying out tests of compatibility for their products and soon the list of supported devices should increase significantly.