the author of No More Heroes would like to work with Marvel on a Deadpool game

As soon as the work on No More Heroes 3 is finished, and after bidding farewell to Travis Touchdown, Goichi Suda, known by fans as Suda51, is already thinking about the future and the next projects to which he will dedicate himself within the videogame industry .

The eccentric Japanese director has already made it clear that he is engaged in five new productions, which inevitably will keep him very busy in the coming months and years. However, Suda51 seems to have even more in mind, and strongly wishes to get his hands on a Marvel license to make his very own video game, as stated on IGN Japan’s microphones.

“But in terms of what I’d like to do, I’d also like to work with Marvel on a Shatterstar or Deadpool game. Maybe a Quicksilver game of some kind. I mean, a Marvel game.” It would be at least curious to observe how an author as extravagant as Suda51 could reinterpret a name from the vast Marvel universe. And what do you think of it? Would you like to see the Japanese director struggling with one of the superheroes of the House of Ideas?

We take this opportunity to refer you to our Review of No More Heroes 3, with which you can find out everything about the new adventure for Nintendo Switch. Suda51 has confirmed that this episode definitively closes the series dedicated to Travis Touchdown.