the authors of Jedi Fallen Oder work on a single player in a unique universe

A few hours after the conclusion of EA Play, there are interesting news regarding Respawn Entertainment, the software house known for franchises such as Titanfall, Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

many were waiting for news regarding the new productions of the talented team, and in particular on Jedi Fallen Order, however it had already been clarified by EA that Star Wars would not be part of its summer event. While not disclosing anything on this occasion, Respawn opened a door to her future via a recently posted job posting online.

As you can see through the twitter of Shinobi602 that we have reported at the bottom of the news, Respawn Entertainment is working on a “completely original single player” game that will come to life within “a unique universe”. At the moment no further details are given, and it is quite difficult to understand what it could be. Star Wars is undoubtedly a universe with unique characteristics, however the study at the same time refers to something completely new. In the previous professional announcements of the software house, moreover, we have often found traces of the internal development of a new IP.

To find out more, we just have to wait hopefully for the reveal of this new project in the pipeline at Respawn and Electronic Arts. What do you expect from the authors of Titanfall and Jedi Fallen Order?