the authors of The Order 1886 postpone the game for Oculus Rift

Just a few weeks ago, Ready at Dawn, already authors of some PSP chapters of God of War and the controversial PS4 exclusive The Order 1886, confirmed the launch date of Lone Echo 2. The sequel was set to be released on August 24 on Oculus. Rift, but the software house has announced a sudden change of plans.

As we read in an official development update released by the Ready at Dawn team, Lone Echo 2 needs to be further refined before being definitively offered to players. Although taken with a certain amount of pain, it is a decision that will lead to the creation of a higher quality product.

“It was touching to see your love and enthusiasm last month when we announced the launch date of the Lone Echo II. Like many other studios over the past couple of years, our team faced new obstacles in development and we had to be ingenious and renew. our resources to reach this point. We have worked hard to provide the best experience possible and we can’t wait for you to join Liv and Jack on their adventures again. However, as we get closer to launch day, it is it became clear that we needed a little more time to refine and achieve the desired level of quality. Therefore, the Lone Echo II launch date will be moved to the end of the year. “

While waiting to know the new release date of the Sci-Fi title, we take this opportunity to refer you to our Review of the first chapter of Lone Echo.