the Beta seems imminent, but the invitations have not started yet

The Beta phase of Halo Infinite is increasingly around the corner, and 343 Industries has intervened on Twitter to clarify some points on the matter. In the past few hours the rumor has made its way that the invitations had already started, but according to what was reported by the overseas software house, things are not exactly like this.

Content creators such as Tom Henderson and ColtEastwood have claimed to have received invitations to participate in the Halo Infinite Flighting Program, which is the Beta phase of Halo Infinite. It is possible that several influencers have actually secured their place during this trial version, however 343 Industries has been keen to intervene on its social channels to specify that the invitations have not yet officially started.

In any case, we won’t have to wait much longer: the Microsoft studio has ensured, through the words of community manager John Junyszek, that news on the Flighting Program will be disseminated during the new Inside Infinite, or the column with which the team development is keeping us updated monthly on the new shooter dedicated to the exploits of Master Chief.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that over 100,000 users have pre-registered for the Beta phase of the game. According to what was revealed by the community director Brian Jarrard, however, there are several players who have tried to book but have not been able to complete the procedure correctly, and who for this reason will unfortunately be excluded from the selection. While waiting for the Sci-Fi title to finally debut on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One during this year’s fall season, we invite you to retrace the entire history of Halo and Master Chief.