the biggest DLC ever has a launch window

Digital Extremes just announced that The New War, the ambitious expansion unveiled at TennoCon last July, will be released simultaneously on all platforms in December.

Described as “the greatest narrative expansion … so far”, The New War has been in development for a long time (it was 2018 when it was first mentioned by Digital Extremes). The story will tell of the Sentients, who after countless years of waiting following the collapse of the Orokin Empire have assembled a large-scale invasion force to take over the shattered Origin System. Players will be able to experience this complex storyline from the point of view of three different playable characters, namely the Grineer Kahl-175, Corpus Veso and Teshin.

The exact launch date of The New War has not been revealed, but the Canadian development team has scheduled the publication of a cinematic trailer for the hours of 16:00 on November 30, at the end of which the day of the release could appear. In the meantime, you can enjoy the video attached at the top of this news, which traces the main events of the story so far, and make sure your arsenal is up to par by participating in the Risorgenza Prime event which kicks off on November 16th. Your task will be to complete missions to awaken the Prime Vanguard with the help of Varzia, a former Dax who has the ability to summon Warframes and Prime Weapons with the power of the Aya and the Royal Aya.