the blockbuster mobile is ready, here is the launch date

At the end of a long development phase, the Netmarble team prepares for the official launch of Marvel Future Revolution. The new trailer packaged by the South Korean authors sets the global launch date on iOS and Android systems of the mobile blockbuster dedicated, of course, to the Avengers.

Made under the careful supervision of Marvel, Future Revolution’s high-budget project will see the Avengers face off against the most iconic villains of the Marvel Universe within a playful ecosystem strongly anchored in the tradition of action RPGs on PC and consoles.

Netmarble’s role-playing experience will give emulators of Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord and Tempest the opportunity to evolve and customize their alter-ego by completing challenges that will unlock access to over 400 million costume combinations for each Avenger.

The offer packaged by the South Korean authors will be particularly rich in content, judging by the wide range of accessible modes that, from the launch, will include the multiplayer challenges PvE Blitz, the PvP arenas of Omega War and the Dark Zone, a mode for 50 players who will combine PvE missions with PvP combat against hordes of enemies and major bosses.

The new trailer packaged by Netmarble sets the Marvel Future Revolution Global Launch for August 25, both on iOS systems and on Android tablets and smartphones.