the Carlino VIP has invaded the screens of Times Square

As you know by now, Epic Games has kicked off a collaboration between Fortnite Chapter 2 and Balenciaga, the popular clothing brand that is now in the battle royale in the form of skins and other cosmetic elements. To sponsor the initiative, the development team decided to go big.

According to the testimonies of some fans, in fact, the development team of the most played free to play on console has invaded the maxi-screens of Times Square in New York, on which a movie starring the Pug VIP was projected for some time. or the anthropomorphic dog wearing Fortnite X Balenciaga clothing and lying down while passersby watch him. Apparently the one in New York is just one of the screens that are projecting the movie and initiatives of this kind are coming around the world to advertise both the in-game event and the very expensive Fortnite X Balenciaga clothing for sale online .

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