the comment from 343 Industries arrives

As we reported in the past few hours, many players, while satisfied with the general experience offered by the Halo Infinite free-to-play multiplayer Beta, said they were not very enthusiastic about how 343 Industries has decided to manage the progression of the Battle Pass.

Unlike what happens, for example, in Call of Duty Warzone or Fortnite, it is strictly necessary in Halo Infinite to complete certain challenges to earn experience points and level up within the Battle Pass. An atypical solution for live service titles, which apparently has not met the favor of users, who would prefer a more classic system based on obtaining XP per game.

343 Industries intervened on Twitter to comment on the issue and reassure its users. The Microsoft software house is constantly monitoring the situation and said it was aware of the reaction that several players have had in these first hours of the game’s life. The study continues to gather feedback on this and other issues, and will announce any changes over the next few weeks. Launching the Beta phase, after all, was a decision made precisely to finish fine-tuning the multiplayer of Halo Infinite with the support and active interaction of the players.

343 Industries has also confirmed that in January it will be ready to return to talk about Co-op, Forge mode and Season 2. If you are taking your first steps within the game, we recommend that you consult our guide to Halo Infinite multiplayer.