the console postponed to 2022, non-functioning batteries detected

Initially scheduled for launch by the end of 2021, PlayDate, the peculiar hand-cranked portable console dedicated to independent productions, will not arrive before next year due to some technical problems encountered by Panic.

PlayDate will not be ready until “early 2022” after Panic became aware of a serious problem related to the console’s batteries. As explained in a long letter sent to its customers, the company found literally non-functioning batteries in the first batch of 5,000 units produced: “We found a number of units with batteries so low that Playdate would not turn on at all and it could not be recharged. “

Panic has therefore run for cover in recent months, stopping all production of Playdate until a new battery supplier could be obtained. All existing systems are now in production queue for battery replacement. There are about 20,000 systems that were part of the initial group, and which will necessarily have to be equipped with the new type of battery.

PlayDate is also being hit hard by the semiconductor crisis. In response to high consumer demand, Panic ordered a new batch of CPUs to boost production on its console, but the processors used would only be ready in 720 days. A quantity of time that convinced Panic to change the CPU mounted by PlayDate (excluding these first 20,000 models), much easier to find but whose characteristics will be similar to the previous one, so much so that the cost of the console is not destined to vary. .