the Court of Owls invites you to the DC FanDome

Already in August, the leaders of Warner Bros. Games had confirmed the presence of Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad at the DC FanDome 2021. With the appointment now near, the spotlight is on Gotham City.

As you can see at the bottom of this news, Warner Bros Montréal is having fun arousing the curiosity of fans of the Dark Knight. Some mysterious press kits have reached voice actors and content creators, called to join the Court of Owls. In the box, there is in particular an invitation to a masked ball in memory of the late Bruce Wayne. Therefore, the now iconic mask inspired by the nocturnal bird of prey is inevitable, even if it is above all a copy of the Gotham Journal that attracts attention.

The newspaper of the metropolis DC in fact reports the continuation of the investigation into the mysterious death of the billionaire of Villa Wayne. The alter-ego of Batman, it is learned, would in fact have failed in circumstances that are not entirely clear, defined as a “strange and tragic accident”. What mystery lies behind the death of the Dark Knight? While waiting for players to find out in Gotham Knights, the hashtags accompanying the tweets confirm once again that WB MontrĂ©al game news will be released at the DC FanDome.

We remind you that the appointment dedicated to DC imagery is scheduled for Saturday 16 October. During the show, the new trailer for The Batman, a new film dedicated to the defender of Gotham, played for the occasion by Robert Pattinson, will also be presented.