the Crytek trilogy comes back to life, how does it fare on PS4 and PS5?

After several years of absence, the entire Crytek shooter series returns to PC and PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles with a collection that includes remastered editions of all three episodes: Crysis, Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 .

The Crytek franchise has always stood out for the exceptional graphic quality that characterized the three games already on the occasion of their original releases between 2007 and 2013: on the occasion of the release of the progenitor, at the time exclusive to PC, the the phrase “there turns Crysis” had become a real catchphrase among players. Well, coming to the present day, how does Crysis Remastered Trilogy fare on PS5 and PS4?

In our review of Crysis Remstered Trilogy for PS5 we examined in detail the work done by Crytek GmbH and Saber Interactive, focusing in particular on the technical aspect of the collection: it emerges from our article that the re-editions focus with conviction on the visual impact, guaranteeing a greater level of detail and textures completely redone for the occasion. From the original productions, however, the collection inherits the problems in terms of shadows, which are not very precise and which clash with the general glance. Overall, therefore, Crytek has carried out a successful but still improvable technical update.

If you are interested in further comparisons, here is finally the comparison between the new versions and the original ones of Crysis Remastered Trilogy on PC.