the development team talks

In recent weeks, the Square Enix team has already confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 will include several changes compared to the original game, in the wake of what has already been experienced with the first chapter of the ambitious makeover of the JRPG.

Following the debut of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which includes the unpublished DLC dedicated to Yuffie, the Japanese authors return to discuss the awaited sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake. In particular, Hamaguchi expressed his satisfaction with the way in which the gameplay of the makeover has been able to offer an experience that is “cinematic” in its own way, a front on which the second remake will however offer “new challenges”.

The latter, specifically, derive from the different structure of the narrative. If in Final Fantasy VII Remake the entire story was set within the walls of Midgar, in fact, it will not be so for the sequel, which will lead players to explore the map of the world populated by Cloud and his companions. On this front, says Hamaguchi, “the challenge will be to create a gameplay that can function in relation to the size of the world”.

For his part, Toriyama also added that players waiting to admire Wutai may have to be very patient, given the significant distance of the location from Midgar. Meanwhile, things “shown along the way” may boast a partially different look in Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 from the original.

At the moment we remind you, no launch window has been offered for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.