the differences with the Barlog blockbuster described by the new Director

As announced by Sony during the PlayStation Showcase, God of War Ragnarok will not be directed by Cory Barlog; at the helm of the blockbuster for PS4 and PS5 there will in fact be Eric Williams, a key figure of Sony Santa Monica who has contributed to the development of the combat system of all the God of War launched from 2004 to today.

Well, in one of his first interviews as Director of God of War Ragnarok, Williams explained to GameInformer microphones how his project will differ from that of Cory Barlog, especially as regards the plot and the father-son relationship between Kratos and Atreus.

In discussing the subject, the SIE Santa Monica exponent explains that “Unfortunately, my marriage didn’t work out and I have no children. I struggled a lot and wondered how I could carry on God of War, but luckily in the team. We have many stories to draw from and from which we can draw inspiration to tell a storyline with fathers, mothers and parents as protagonists. And so I started to look at everything in a different way, I thought back to the previous God of War and I noticed that it was of a story with only one young person and many adults “.

Williams remarks the concept by specifying how “at that point I wondered what we could have done to extend that story. There were still many things to clarify and many stories to develop. We needed to offer a better perspective on the character of Atreus who is becoming. a young man, and therefore we wanted to find ways to bring characters closer to his age into the plot, precisely in function of the different perspective that this type of characters can provide “.

To want to listen to Williams, therefore, the new approach adopted by SIE Santa Monica to narrate the events of God of War Ragnarok will materialize in an even richer and more original gaming experience, due to the new context offered by a virtual world populated by characters closer (and not only from a “chronological” point of view) to Atreus. In the hope of receiving new information on the narrative and gameplay differences with Cory Barlog’s God of War as soon as possible, we invite you to stay on our pages to admire the Reveal Trailer of God of War Ragnarok subtitled in Italian by the editorial staff of Everyeye.