the dock will have no impact on performance

There are still several months left until the arrival on the market of Steam Deck, the portable console by Valve of which there is still a lot to discover. Over the last few hours a very important detail has been confirmed and linked to the dock, or the small base that allows players to connect the device to a TV or monitor.

As you could imagine, the device that will act as a bridge between the panel and the console will not have any kind of impact from a performance point of view and therefore will not enhance the output resolution of the Steam Deck. It is therefore a system almost identical to the one seen on the Nintendo Switch, since the device has the sole objective of transmitting images to the screen and acting as a hub to connect USB devices or an ethernet cable to make the connection more stable. Internet.

According to what was declared by Valve, the hypothesis of creating an accessory capable of enhancing the console has never been considered since most users want to use Steam Deck in portable mode and therefore it would not make sense to waste resources to create a little exploited peripheral. This choice has allowed the company to support any USB-C hub: this means that users do not necessarily have to purchase the official dock and will be able to use any device that allows you to connect tablets, laptops and smartphones to a screen.

Waiting to find out the official price of the dock, we remind you that Valve is willing to create new Steam Deck colors.