the DualSense Midnight Black can be purchased at the best price ever

Two new colors for the PS5 DualSense controller have been released on Amazon for a few weeks: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black, available from June 18th. The latter is now on sale at a discounted price, while stocks last.

Both colors can be purchased at a discounted price, the black version still drops in price compared to the report we made a few days ago. The new controllers can be purchased for € 58.89 in the Midnight Black color, while the Cosmic Red variant is currently sold out. For the black model, the shipment is immediate, in fact it is sold and shipped by Amazon itself, so the product has a total guarantee of 24 months for any type of malfunction or inconvenience.

Here are the links:

For those who are not aware, the new DualSense can also be used to play on a PC via a USB-C or Bluetooth cable connection, for the latter option you need a USB Bluetooth adapter to connect to the PC. At the moment there is no support for adaptive triggers for the use of the controller on a PC, updates that provide full compatibility may soon come out.

If you missed our article yesterday, pre-orders of the DualSense NBA 2K22 Jumpstart Bundle appeared on Amazon including digital content from NBA 2K22 (3 packs and 2,500 points to redeem in the game’s Myteam mode).