the evolution of the Maps and the new Vehicles in the focus of DICE

In the last, important in-depth analysis by EA DICE dedicated to Battlefield 2042, the Swedish developers have outlined the picture of the news that await fans in the exploration of multiplayer maps and in the use of Vehicles.

In providing fans with all the necessary explanations, the DICE guys start from the confirmation of the presence of 7 maps in the launch offer of Battlefield 2042, for an overall extension of the game area and a wealth of content greater than any other. chapter of the series.

The increased size of the maps, however, will not dilute the gameplay experience, or at least this is the promise that the DICE team makes to all Battlefield fans, reiterating that they have made two distinct changes to the gameplay of the next chapter: the first of these changes will pass through the subdivision into clusters of the maps, so as to preserve the classic essence of IP within privileged areas of activity that will dynamically react to the progress of the game.

The second change will be represented by the Sectors, and by the challenges to be completed together with your team to snatch them from the enemy by controlling all the flags scattered in the disputed quadrant. Only after having conquered the entire Sector will it be possible to decide which other quadrant to attack, all to focus the attention of the game on the activities to be completed and reduce the annoying coming and going between the flags that occurs in the online challenges of the last Battlefields.

More details on the maps, and on the creative contribution offered by the new Ripple Effect team, will be shared during the EA Play Live on July 22nd. Also with regard to the Vehicles, DICE intends to make changes related to the balance of the game experience. With this awareness, the Swedish developers have decided to introduce changes to the acquisition system of means of transport and combat.

In Battlefield 2042 it will still be possible to access vehicles through the respawn screen of one’s alter-ego, but players will also be given the opportunity to deploy a vehicle by requesting it remotely at the base via the tablet present in the equipment of each soldier, independently by the chosen Specialist.

Regarding the type of vehicles that can be selected and their subdivision based on the Factions, DICE recalls that the history of Battlefield 2042 focuses on the activities carried out by the Non-Patriated task force and that, consequently, the choice of aircraft, tanks , naval vehicles and other means to be deployed in battle will be determined by the global geopolitics of the future. As the No-Pats, players will thus be able to ideally unite with Russia or the United States depending on the region of the world in which they will have to fight, based on the local interests of the populations of countries that have ended up bankrupt due to climate upheavals.

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