the evolution of the PS4 and PS5 store illustrated by Sony’s patent

While on the net we continue to discuss the enhanced PS5 Trophy system mentioned in a Sony patent, a new and, if possible, even more important document filed by the Japanese company appears on Reddit: in fact, a version is described in it. evolved and “intelligent” of the PlayStation Store.

In the new patent filed by the Japanese technological giant, the PS4 and PlayStation 5 digital store is literally upset to make room for screens capable of returning a more complete and “current” view of the individual video games for sale on the PS Store.

If implemented in the ways described by the patent, the new features conceived by Sony’s designers promise to generate customized pages for each game, contextualizing the contents based on the nature of the titles in question. In this regard, the patent explains that “each page is generated with a specific layout, following the life cycle of each video game. The page of each game is thus customized based on the content and context chosen by the player”.

In practice, these innovations would prove to be extremely useful for those games in continuous development that, like Fortnite Chapter 2, Call of Duty Warzone or No Man’s Sky, go through ever deeper changes over time: a more “intelligent” PlayStation Store , as a result, it could display evolving pages on individual games, with direct information on Seasons, expansions or any other post-launch content.

In the explanatory diagrams of the patent filed by Sony, the example of a generic “Speed ​​Game” is cited, that is a continuously developing driving game (or in any case with a particularly structured post-launch support) that requires a page on PlayStation Store able to constantly evolve to give visibility to seasonal content and the most recent additions.