the exclusive skins of September, October and November confirm a rumor

Over the last few hours, Epic Games has unexpectedly announced the announcement not only of the September 2021 skin for all Fortnite Crew subscribers, but also that of the costumes that can be obtained in the following two months.

In the next three months, thanks to the subscription service, the skins relating to the Prime Shadows, or rather the three agents originating from Midas and its most trusted allies, will be obtained. The first of these, the Lupo in Fiamme, is a gendarme from Midas whose costume is a mix between a predator-inspired armor and a sporty outfit. The second skin is Origins of chaos, the first redeemed of Midas and an alternative version of one of the costumes that appeared for the first time in the game during the first season of Chapter 2. The last, arriving in November, is Sierra, first pardoned by He gives me. There is a very specific reason why the development team has decided to reveal the contents of the packages for the coming months so well in advance. Confirming the persistent rumors that have been circulating for some time now, it will be possible to obtain additional exclusive styles of each skin and, to do so, you will need to get all three bundles, or remain subscribers from September to November.

Before leaving you to the images of the skins, we remind you that Will Smith should arrive in Fortnite Chapter 2 in the next few hours thanks to a cross over with Bad Boys. Have you already taken part in the Fortnite event dedicated to Martin Luther King?