the EXP sharer active from the start

The similarities and differences of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl continue to emerge from the originals: compared to the Nintendo DS titles, the experience sharer has also been changed, in a way that may not meet the favor of all fans of the series.

According to what was reported on Twitter by the Serebii portal, the EXP sharer in the remakes of Diamante and Perla will in fact be active permanently and from the beginning of the adventure. This means that all the Pokémon present in our team at the end of each fight will receive the same amount of experience to progress much faster in level and, if they foresee it, evolve faster than it was necessary to wait in the past. A feature already present in Pokémon Sword and Shield, which assigned the same amount of EXP to all our pocket monsters without the possibility of being able to deactivate it.

Sharing the experience gained in combat is a mechanic that actually existed since the origins of the brand with Pokémon Red and Blue. If at the time, however, the EXP sharer was an instrument to be activated or to be assigned to a specific Pokémon (as it happened in Gold and Silver) to speed up its growth, and which was received only in the advanced stages of the game, in the titles of the series seen in recent years this element has become increasingly effective and obtainable already in the early hours of the game. A decision, that of Game Freak, which has created a rift between fans, between those who have welcomed the news and those who believe that it greatly simplifies the progression.

What do you think of this change also implemented in Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl? In the meantime, we are already talking about the ninth generation of Pokémon.