the Facebook account will no longer be mandatory

In addition to having presented the ambitious Metaverso project, during the Facebook Connect 2021, Mark Zuckerberg also returned to discuss Oculus Quest. If to date it is still mandatory to have an account linked to the social platform to use the viewer, things will change very soon.

During the event, the company now known as Meta confirmed that Oculus Quest will be freely accessible to anyone in the future, and the Facebook account will no longer be an obligation for those who want to use the VR viewer.

“Since we are focusing more on work and, frankly, as we have listened to your feedback more extensively, we are taking action to ensure that you can log into Quest with a different account other than your Facebook account,” they said. Mark Zuckerberg’s words during the event.

The previous decision to double-tie Oculus Quest to Facebook was made only last year, but the response of users did not turn out to be the best. Hence, the Facebook turnaround, which confirms that the change will materialize as soon as internal testing is concluded: “We will soon begin testing support for work accounts and are working to make a larger change here within the next. year”.

As part of the internal transformation the company is undergoing, the VR headset will also change its official name to Meta Quest, thus abandoning the Oculus brand.

“Despite the name change, we can assure you that Oculus’ original vision will remain deeply rooted in how Meta will continue to drive the adoption of VR technologies,” said CTO Andrew Bosworth.