the fan made artwork is a perfect crossover

After creating the perfect celebratory artwork for the PlayStation series, digital artist BlackThunder hits the mark again with a spectacular God of War themed reinterpretation of Elden Ring key art.

The latest project created by the digital artist known on social networks as OBlackThunderO takes up the atmospheres and scenarios of the evocative final key art of Elden Ring to merge them with the universe of the God of War epic.

The fan-made artwork of BlackThunder thus combines in the best possible way the Norse dimensions of the next soulslike blockbuster by FromSoftware and the adventure experienced on PS4 by Kratos and Atreus, waiting for God of War 2’s Ragnarok to finally begin. ‘inevitable presence of the God of War, in the crossover sketch between Elden Ring and God of War there is even space for the Serpent of the World and, in the background, the Ragnarok reinterpretation of the official Elden Ring logo.

So take a look at the outstanding work done by the digital artist and let us know what you think about it. For the occasion, we remind those who follow us that Bandai Namco recently shared a lot of new information on Elden Ring lore and gameplay with an update to the official website of FromSoftware’s open world RPG.