the final of the Agents Series at Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2021!

Saturday morning, November 13th, from 9:30 am on the Community Stage stage at Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2021 (we remind you of all the appointments of the Milanese fair) the final of the first season of the semi-pro championship of VALORANT will be played: the Agents Series.

The Agents Series, as we have already told you about VALORANT export and the ecosystem set up by Riot Games and ProGaming Italia, is one of the two competitions in which the competitive path in Italy is divided.

At the base we find the Tormenta Circuit (a stage of the Tormenta Circuit valid for 2022 was recently played, at Lucca Comics & Games), or the amateur entry level from which players can start to climb the competitive pyramid of VALORANT.

The Agents Series, therefore, is the second step: a semi-pro competition reserved for just eight teams. GG Esports, Elevate ^, Axolotl (ex Swag Silicone), Lucky Boys (now Cyberground Gaming), Purple Team, Macko Esports, FDP and HMBLE were the eight teams that for over a month, competing in the final part of the Tormenta Circuit (the so-called Spike League), they vied for the possibility of being the best org in Italy.

In the final, however, there could be only two formations: the Elevate ^ of coach highh (formed by Felox210, bipolarkid, grigua, mass3R, ASR Z3RO) and the Cyberground Gaming (led by coach simoz, with caydeN, giuden51, Morphiw0w, NAIS, xazyyy ).

Elevate ^ and Cyberground Gaming will face each other on Saturday morning in a Bo5 that promises to be spectacular and really tight. The live event will be broadcast on the Agents Range Italia Twitch channel and will start at 9:30, as we anticipated at the opening, do not miss it!