the first images and details on the contents appear online

Electronic Arts has confirmed in recent months the arrival of Battlefield Mobile, a title that aims to bring the experience of the DICE war series on mobile devices. The game’s release is currently scheduled for a generic 2022, and more details on the project have not been provided.

Technically, no images have ever been shown of Battlefield Mobile, but it seems that some screens have already emerged on the net, spreading through social networks such as Twitter, where it is already possible to discover some details regarding not only the technical rendering of the title, but also the first contents. First of all, Battlefield Mobile promises to offer large-scale battles with a high level of destructibility of the surrounding scenarios as is traditional in the main episodes of the series. There will be a vast arsenal and a series of unique playable classes, as well as heroes exclusive to this version.

In technical terms, the work done appears promising, with a very accurate rendering of scenarios and details and which makes the most of the possibilities given by mobile devices, with well-finished models of weapons and characters. Obviously, he expects to see what has been developed so far in motion, so as to have a clear picture of what Battlefield Mobile will offer fans starting in 2022. As for the new main chapter, there is still mystery about the beginning of the Battlefield Beta. 2042, which could start on September 22, 2021 but there are still no confirmations on the matter. In the meantime, you can read our preview on the Portal mode of Battlefield 2042.