the first Major Patch has a date

With a message shared through their social profiles, Konami representatives set the date on which it will be possible to download the first Major Patch of eFootball 2022, the new free to play chapter of Pro Evolution Soccer.

The post published by the Japanese software house begins with an apology for the launch problems of eFootball 2022 and continues by informing all fans that “we are preparing to release version 0.9.1 on October 28. The patch will focus on troubleshooting. already emerged and on those that you will continue to report to us from here to the release of the update. We will update you soon with more details on the news of the patch, as we continue in the development of eFootball following the requests received from fans through the feedback “.

Based on the advances offered by Konami, the first Major Patch of eFootball will therefore focus solely and exclusively on the closure of the serious bugs and glitches that emerged from the launch of the free to play game and on the resolution of problems related to the gameplay system, i.e. without understanding content additions between modes, teams or functions not yet revealed.

Waiting to know in detail the interventions that will accompany this important update arriving on October 28 on PC and consoles, we leave you in the company of our analysis on the launch version of eFootball 2022.