the first patch enhances Sojourn and weakens Soldier-76, all the news

About a week after the Overwatch 2 Beta debut exclusively on PC, the development team has released a new update that tweaks several characters.

Blizzard has in fact decided to welcome the feedback of the community to fix some problems related to the balance, intervening on a series of heroes considered too strong or too weak. In the case of Sojourn, the developers have noticed the difficulties even pro players face in managing its secondary fire and have decided to increase the size of the proeittiles to facilitate their use. In addition, the slide of the Canadian heroine recharges now more quickly. A completely different treatment is reserved for Soldier-76, which now deals less damage and moves more slowly. An important change then concerns Roadhog’s Ultimate, which now requires the player to press a button to shoot, so that you can stop firing at will for the execution of the other skills without canceling the special ability, which therefore remains in place. use. Sombra, Winston, Wrecking Ball, Zarya, Lucio, Ana, Baptiste, Zenyatta and Brigitte have also undergone some tweaks.

Anyone interested in learning about every single change in the beta can check out the changelog on the official website.

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