The first Public Esports Register in Italy is born

A certificate that marks a total innovation in the Italian Esports system. The Italian Esports Observatory launches the OIES Badge: the tool for professionals, agencies and teams that qualifies consultancy skills in Esports projects.

It is a unique innovation on the international scene. The Italian export market will be the first that will be able to count on a Public Register which lists the most qualified operators in the development of commercial relationships.

The development of the OIES Badge project and the definition of the Public Register arise from the confrontation initiated by the Observatory with a Scientific Committee of experts. Each component represents a category of the export ecosystem. The Badge will in fact be issued to those operators who pass a quality path validated by the Committee.

Companies and professionals will need to demonstrate that they possess a series of essential requirements to attest to their competence in the business aspects of Esports.

The following are members of the OIES Scientific Committee (in alphabetical order): Daniele Di Lorenzo (vice president of the CONI Esports Promoting Committee) Fabio Lalli (CEO IQUII) Francesco Lombardo (Esports Reporter) Matteo Masini (CEO masterEsports – School of Management LUM) Saimon Paganini ( Marketing Manager Everyeye) Fabrizio Perrone (CEO 2WATCH) Tommaso Maria Ricci (General Manager MCES) Giovanni Sacripante (Marketing & Esports Director FIGC) Daniel Schmidhofer (CEO ProGaming Italia) Riccardo Stocchi (Consumer Marketing Officer Inter) Fabio Viola (Brand gamification expert).

The objective of the Badge is to document the skills the applicant already possesses or wishes to acquire. In fact, the certification can be obtained in two ways. The operator can directly access a validating test, in which to demonstrate his skills, or it can be achieved by following a specific training course.

For single professionals there is a third option. Those who successfully pass the final test of the Advanced Esports Program, the OIES training program on Esports business and marketing, which currently has more than 60 students, and who represent the next professionals, will also be able to obtain the Badge. of the sector.

For the three categories of operators, the OIES Badge will represent an important element of diversification from the competition. It can be included in company presentations as proof of a quality path, and can be provided to companies as proof of their competence compared to other companies operating in the sector.

All certifications will flow into a Public Esports Register, divided into professional sections, agencies and teams, and available for consultation by all investors. With a forthcoming communication, the OIES will share the path requirements and the procedures for applying to obtain the OIES Badge. This Observatory project represents a great push towards raising the quality standards of the Italian export market.

Creating a system and bringing together the best energies of Esports: also in this case the Observatory has followed its founding model as inspiration. The establishment of Badges is an inclusive process by which the OIES offers all operators active in the market the opportunity to enhance their skills, becoming the guarantor of the business system essential for the growth of the sector.

This initiative, combined with the Esports Legal Forum, the Legal Manifesto and the National Esports Study Center, represents the total solution with which the Observatory provides stakeholders with the necessary tools to understand the market, get to know its operators and seize its opportunities.