the first sightings in Australia

A few months after the first sightings were made for a review of the current PlayStation 5 model, it seems that the latter has already landed on the shelves of the videogame market.

This was reported by the Press Start newspaper, which confirms the sighting of a new serial code for the PS5 units that have entered the market in Australia over the last few days. Specifically, the PlayStation 5 subject to review would propose the identification code CFI-1102A, different precisely from that linked to the hardware models available since last November.

Always according to what was reported by Press Start, among the main differences we would find the forecast for the new model of a new assembly system of the PS5 stand. Specifically, the kit would propose a new type of screw, which can also be screwed without the need to use a screwdriver. Furthermore, the first sightings refer to a weight less than a few pounds compared to the first PS5: an element that, however, Press Start has not yet had the opportunity to verify.

At the moment, from Sony there have been no official statements regarding a revision of PlayStation 5. In the meantime, further units of the console should soon arrive in Italy, with PS5 stock arriving from Mediaworld over the next few days.