the flamboyant Übermacht Cypher and a new contract available

Grand Theft Auto Online is enriched with new content. Rockstar Games announces the arrival of a spectacular new sports car, the Übermacht Cypher, ready to be driven at full speed through the streets of Los Santos, easy to drive and surprisingly maneuverable.

However, this is not the only new addition in GTA Online: among the unpublished contents we also find a new contract, The Gold of the Union Depository: it is one of the most protected and inaccessible buildings in the whole city, apparently impossible to rob. But for those who succeed, there are rich rewards awaiting them, such as Double GTA $ & RP throughout the week. The same rappoddio will also be made available to all those who will face the DJ missions offered by Tom Connors. Also new for the Pilot mode: all participants will receive triple GTA $ & RP during the week. And for those who love to modify vehicles, for the next seven days all the garages are discounted by 20%.

The week therefore promises to be very tempting for GTA Online fans, who will be able to earn easy money thanks to the many benefits provided by Rockstar. Staying in the world of GTA, we remember that GTA Trilogy Remastered could arrive in 2022, allowing us to relive old glories such as the third chapter, Vice City and San Andreas. Do you remember how long GTA San Andreas lasts?