the fury of the titans strikes humans in the new trailer

Back from Gamescom 2021 with the announcement of Giants Uprising, Varsav Game Studios gets back to work to publish a new video in computer graphics that sets the release date of the Early Access version on Steam of this intriguing action adventure on the titans.

The new digital effort by the developers of Bee Simulator transports us into a medieval fantasy dimension dominated by the perennial war between a legion of the damned and the alliance made up of humans and a race of giants, with the latter forced into forced labor afterwards. having been betrayed by their old comrades in arms.

The protagonist of this work will be a titan who, after having managed to regain freedom, will be called to make a long journey to reunite with his fellow men. In doing so, however, he will be forced to sow destruction among the villages of humans who dare to hinder his path.

Warriors will also participate in the uprising of the giants who, aware of the betrayal committed by their high hierarchs, will try to redeem the human race in the eyes of the titans by embracing their cause. The Early Access version of Giants Uprising will be available from November 2 on PC and will only offer the first chapters of the adventure: to have access to all the contents, therefore, you will have to wait until the launch of version 1.0, tentatively scheduled for 2022.